Make a Paracord Necklace Kits

Make a Paracord Necklace Kits

Are Here! We Just added the first paracord necklace kit to our shop!make a survival necklace;round braid necklace;survival kit

You can now get this start up kit to make 3 survival necklaces in popular colors

The most important part about this kit is the safety connectors and the are included.paracord necklace buckles;break-away buckles;lanyard bucklesThese survival necklaces will last forever.

All the paracord is 550 7 strand and made in the USA!

All orders will be processes in 24 hours and are sent out asap!

In stock

Try out the hottest new paracord braiding with the how to make a paracord necklace kit!

If you are not in to the make it your self thing we understand and would love to make you a X-Cords Custom made paracord neckalce

paracord necklace;survival necklace;round braid necklace

Make a Paracord Bow Sling

Make a Paracord Bow Sling


Here is another great way to use paracord. Do you or any one you know have a bow?

We all know that these bows can get pretty expensive and you do not want to have it slip out of your handsparacord bow sling or paracord wirst strap

Make a paracord bow sling and you can be assured that you will keep hold of your bow.

These bow slings are made like king cobra bracelet

Here are a few simple steps to get you started making one

First pick your colors

Then use the instructions to make a pararcord necklace. This will be the part that will go through the leather mounting grommets.

Keep in mind that this has to be long enough for your hand to slide through. Best thing to do is to measure your old one.

With the round braid complete you will move on to the next step.

Make a king cobra weave using the necklace as the center.

Make another king  cobra bracelet to wear

You can never have too much cord

Making a paracord bow sling is easy if you just break it down into the two simple steps of making a paracord necklace and making a king cobra paracord bracelet. Give it a try

How to make a paracord bracelet

How to make a paracord bracelet


Making a paracord bracelet is a fun easy project that everyone can enjoy. The hardest part is deciding what style and what colors you want to use. has made it easy  for you to get all the supplies and insturctions that you need and put them at your finger tips.

First you should pick the style of bracelet that you want to make. There are several popular survival bracelet patterns:

The single color cobra weave is the most popular.

The two color paracord bracelet has one color in the center and another color on the outside.

The thin-line paracord bracelet style can be used to make the firemans parac0rd bracelet and the police survival bracelet

You can also mix the two color and add a thin line like the picture above, this paracord pattern is popular for making team survival bracelets.

The three color paracord bracelet is used for making flag bracelets

Adding the ribbon to a survival bracelet is great to use for a fund raiser.

My favorite is the King cobra braid 

Once you have decided on the style or theme of your paracord bracelet you will now need some paracord supplies

Depending on the size of your project you get a survival bracelet kit withHow to make a paracord bracelet assorted colors and buckles. For larger projects you can get bulk paracord in 100 foot hanks and contoured side release buckles.

How to make a paracord bracelet instructions

The best way to learn how to make a paracord bracelet is to watch. We have created several instructional paracord videos for you to use.  Just go to the paracord instruction videos and watch. This will allow you to make a paracord bracelet at your own speed. You can stop the video at any time or jump ahead if you have previous experience.

Here are your three simple steps to follow when making a paracord bracelet

1. Pick the style of paracord bracelet that you want to make.

2. Order the paracord supplies need like a paracord bracelet kit or bulk paracord.

3. Use the paracord braiding video that matches the style of survival bracelet that you want to make.

Thanks Survival Braclelet Kits  team

Unique Paracord bracelets

Unique Paracord braceletsparacord bracelet;survival bracelet

 Are you looking for some thing unique and different to do with your paracord bracelets?

Here are a few ideas for you to try.

You can add charms and different styles of buckles to them to make them one of a kind.

These were made form antique jewelry the one with the flag is a buckle

Unique paracord bracelets are unique because you can add your own special item to the paracord with little effort and the results are great as you can see above.

These were also fitted with adjustable stainless steel shackles

The two paracord bracelets on the outside are a two color design black on the outside and burgundy in the center.

The center survival bracelet is made with olive drab paracord and a acu camo thin line.

Paracord Bracelet Instructions

Paracord Bracelet Instructions

So you want to make a paracord bracelet and need the instructions?Paracord bracelet instructions to weave a paracord bracelet

You have come to the right place.  My daughter and Mallory were in your shoes just two short years ago when we decided to make a survival bracelet. We searched high and low and all over the internet for the instructions on  how to weave a survival bracelet. The search results were poor so we made our own and started survivalbraceletkits to share the how to make instructions with every one.

The next problem we had was finding all the paracord supplies to make all the different paracord bracelet patterns that we wanted. The paracord was only sold in bulk spools and created a cost problem in getting all the colors we needed

You will not have to face all the problems that we had. All the guess work has been eliminated for you. We are your one stop for all your paracord supplies and paracord bracelet instructions

Grab a kit the instructions are included.

Paracord bracelet instructions from X-Cords will have a survival bracelet on your wrist in just a few minunites.

New Paracord Bracelet Kits

New Paracord Bracelet Kits


New Survival Bracelet kits added to the Store!

We at X-Cords want you to have a great selection of paracord bracelet kits to choose from

So we added 2 new kits

Both kits will make 4 cool survival bracelets and include the instructions page.

The paracord kit on the left is called X-cords survival bracelet kit family fun pack

The survival bracelet kit  on the right is the Family 4 pack with x-treme colors

Both will have you creating the cobra braid in no time at all

diy paracord;bracelet kit;paracord bracelet kitsurvival bracelet kit;paracord bracelet kit;paracord survival kit

Easy Paracord necklace instruction

Easy Paracord necklace instructions

We would like to than Josh in NY for the great feed back.

He wanted to know how to install the break-away paracord connectors on a survival necklace.

We at X-Cords decided to make a easy paracord necklace instruction video for every one to share.

It will show you a fast easy way to make a survival cord necklace in about two minutes.

This one was made with hot pink paracord 550, 7 strand paracord that is made in the usa.

Easy Paracord necklace instruction video Here!

Remember when using paracord as a necklace you should install the safety pop open connectors!

Be prepared to make more than one. When your friends see this on you they are sure to want one

So have fun and enjoy the video on

 Easy Paracord necklace instruction

Learn How To Make A King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet

Learn How to Make a King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet



We have had a ton of requests to add the King Cobra survival bracelet Kit to our products and now you can get one.

learn how to make a king cobra survival bracelet with paracord 550This Kit will make 2 wide king cobra survival bracelets and best of all you can pick the colors you want!

Choose form our huge inventory of over 50 colors of USA made paracord 550

all 7 strand!

Wide paracord bracelet in all black with adjustable stainless steel shackleYou can make this one in all black

If making it is not your thing you can buy a custom made king cobra bracelet

We also have the King Cobra instructions free!

Paracord Survival Necklace

You made your survival bracelet now what?

Its time to check out what else you can do with paracord and here is a very cool idea. Its a survival necklace.How to make a paracord survival necklace

A 21′ paracord necklace in the round braid form will give you about another nine feet of paracord 550 for you to use in an emergency

I have had many necklaces and where are they today? Broken and in trash.

You will not have that problem with a paracord necklace it will last forever!

This necklace is made using two strands of cord. Why is this inportant?

The two color scheme will let you match your favorite team colors like navy blue and white looks just like the New York Yankees. When you combo this with a blue and white paracord bracelet you have a awesome set. Now you can cheer your team on to victory in style.

Here is the great part, there are two ways to get one.

You can choose the colors and we can make it or you can order all the supplies to make your own. We have over 50 colors of paracord to pick from and we also stock the must have break-away safety connectors for paracord necklaces.

We also have the instruction video for you to use free of charge!

This video below will get you up close and personal with the survival  necklace

Paracord Uses When Camping

Paracord Uses When Camping

We went camping this week durring the 4th of July holliday. It was a lot of fun.

We made new friends and met up with some of our old ones that we have not seen in a while. It rained some of the time but that did not stop us from our camping activites. I brough with me a spool of paracord 550 in olive drab color.

Shannon found a bunch of smooth rocks at the lake and had friends over to paint them. Here  is my favorite



Paracord supplies

I used two 10 foot pieces to tie the ends of the hammock up and took a nap while the kids went for a bike ride. When it got dark we started a camp fire and we wanted to roast marsh mellows. I sent the kids to the camp store to buy some of the forks that you can stick the marsh mellows on to roast them. When they got back and showed me them I laughed because they were only about 24″ long. You would not only be roasting a marshmellow but your hand as well.

I had an Idea to extend them and use paracord to connect it to a longer stick.

I let each tie it as they though it shoud be done not pretty but the did it themselves and were proud of them.

We nick named the one Anika made  a spaghetti diagram, and laughed as we mouwed the smoores and toasted mellowsparacord spaghetti

Uses for paracord,cobra braid;paracord projects

 Its great to find new things to make with paracord and you can bet that I will share them all with you

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