Uses for Paracord

Paracord can be used for many things. There are a several lists that have been made a most have the same items like

  • Tie down just about anything
  • Make a raft
  • Make a shelter
  • Knife handle
  • Primative Bow
  • Snare
  • Snow shoes
  • A bow to make a fire with
  • Inner strands for fishing lines and nets
  • Making a splint (emergency use for paracord)


Best Uses for Paracord 550

At we love paracord so much that we try to use it every day in every way. Just like the list of uses for duct tape and wd-40 have grown we want to expand the possibilities and uses for the strong cord.

Here is our list that may have some of the best uses for paracord yet!


Have you ever had some thing that was plastic break?  This was a plastic ice cube tray that was cracked. What we did was use paracord to weld it back together it worked great.New uses for paracord

This is just another great way to use paracord to help you! Here is the paracord instructions how how we did this


This new use for paracord has opened the door to a lot of new ideas for us to try.

We recently used paracord to help heal a broken foot in conjunction with freeze pops.Best uses for paracord

Have you have ever had an injury where you needed to use ice to help with the swelling? Sherry broke her foot and had to keep it iced and elevated. The ice bags melted all over and kept falling off. When the ice maker could no longer keep up with the demand, I searched in the freezer for anything else that would work. I grabbed the freeze pops and they worked Great. They did not drip and would conform to her foot. To prevent falling of I secured them with a six foot strand of Volcanic Lava paracord. It helped keep the swelling down as well as give her a cheerful view.



Its no fun when you have a break down no matter how trivial it may seem. I had a hand grip blow out on my atv when I was on a trail ride. I had been experimenting with cord for a while and wanted to try it out as a grip. I opened my survival pack an pulled out a 100 foot hank of blue camo paracord and started the cobra stitch on my handle bar. To my surprise I had a better than new one in no time flat and was on my way!Great uses for paracord


Did I mention I got a flat the next mile down the trail…:(


Have you ever had a went to start your lawn mower or chain saw only to be left standing there with a black rubber t thing in your hand? Then you start to sound like the music that Mallory listens to one the raido. Bleep Bleep stupid cord Broke!!

Thats right they are not made to lasts. It is some cheap rope they put in there to fail. It gets wet and rots and falls apart. Paracord is made to with stand the outdoor elements. If it gets wet, it dries fast and it will not rot or mildew. This is the perfect material for pull cords. My 029 stihl farm boss cord was starting to fray so I swapped it out for a new woodland camo one!Best uses for paracord pull cords

Have you ever wanted to be in a rock band? Most of us have had that dream at one point in our lives. My daughter Shannon signed up for band at school and decided that she wanted to learn how to play the french horn. Albion school has a great music program and the even supply some of the instruments for the students to use. As you can imagine these may not be in the greatest condition but are great to learn on. Shannon was very excited to bring home her french horn and show it off to all of us. This even included a solo of marry had a little lamb, It was awesome. As she was putting the horn back in the case I noticed that the handle was about to break off and that gave me a great idea for another use for paracord.

uses for paracrod;paracord uses

I used the Alboin Purple Eagle school colors of purple and yellow to make a new handle. The two color cobra weave worked perfect as a replacement. I left the excess that is normaly cut off on and just made knots in the end to give it a little swag. This will insure that many students for years to come can enjoy it. Thanks Paracord!!