How to make a paracord bracelet instruction tutorials

Paracord Bracelet single cobra weave

Here are the instructions on how to make a paracord bracelet using the single cobra weave.

Be sure that you have completed the following steps

How to measure your wrist and how much paracord do I need?

 You can watch the video below or use the pictures below

For review I will show you step by step how to make a paracord bracelet that is 8.5 inches long and using about 9 feet of paracord 550.

Cobra weave instructions

step 1:

Loading the buckle

Pro Tip: Use a contoured side release buckle. It is curved and will fit comfortably on your wrist.

Find the middle of the cord



Hold the complete  buckle in one hand with the contour facing down

Insert the non cut middle of the cord down through the Top of the buckle and push about one inch through.

Flip that one inch loop back over the top of the buckle and cinch it tight.How to make a survival bracelet


Take the cut ends one at a time and loop them through the other side of the buckle Go down through the Top.

Pro Tip: As you load the secound half of the buckle keep the cord flat and straight not kinked or tangled.



Here is the view form the Top and the side.How to make a paracord bracelet with buckleHow to make a paracord bracelet


Cobra stitch 

 How to Layout the bracelet


  Pro Tip: It is important to secure the buckle so it does not move.

Do not include the 3 prongs of the side release buckle they will be  inside the other piece and will make your bracelet smaller than you want

Layout the Bracelet

  • Un clip the two parts of the side release buckle and lay it flat on table.
  • Take a measuring tape and adjust the length to the desired amount

Pro Tip: The contour of the buckle should face down and the two cut ends should be on the bottom side, remove any twists or curls in the cord.

How to make a paracord bracelet

how to braid paracord;paracord bracelet instructions

This is the proper layout to make the survival bracelet


Cobra stitch  

How to braid paracord the cobra stitch

Pro Tip: How tight you make your stitches is up to you. If you make a lot of paracord bracelets you may get a blister or your fingers may hurt. You can use duct tape to protect these areas.

Terms to know:

Lets call the cord on the left side the Left side

Lets call the cord on the right side the Right Side

And the two strands of cord that are in the middle connecting each half of the side release buckle the Middle

Pro Tip: We are making a single color paracord  bracelet so we have to call them by left and right when we we make a two color paracord bracelet each strand will be a different color.

  • Take the Right cord and move it out of the way cobra stitch step one
  • Take the Left cord and lay it across the middle strands leaving a loop on the left side ( as shown)cobra stitch;paracord patterns;braid paracord
  • Take the right cord and lay it straight down across the left cord (as shown)
  • It looks like a 4paracord bracelet instructions,how to make a bracelet,survival bracelet
  • Take the cut end of the right cord and slide it under the middle two strands
  • And up through the loop on the left side
  • Compare your pretzel to mine in the picture
  • Now snug it up to the to paracord;550 bracelet instructions;how to make a parachute cord bracelet

Pro tip: This is the first knot and should be as straight as possible try not to over tighten it and have it twisted under the buckle.

cobra stitch step two

Take the left strand and move it up out of the way

How to make a paracord bracelet step 11


Learn paracord braiding,cobra pattern;cobra bracelet

Take the left strand and go under the right stand, under the middle two strands and up through the loop as shown

DIY paracord bracelet;Bracelet instructions;How to make a paracord bracelet

Compare your pretzel to mine the tighten up.

Step three is the same as step one

step four is the same as step two and so on.

Continue untill you reach the end of the bracelet.How to make a paracord bracelet

Cobra stitch




How to Cut and finish a paracord bracelet



Pro Tip:STOP!!  Don’t cut any thing yet. Try your bracelet on.

If it fits how you want it to continue on if not you can unbraid it and start over making the adjustments.



Cutting the ends


If you started with ten foot piece you probably have about a foot left on each end.

cutting paracord;finishing a paracord bracelet;

Use a good pair of scissors or side cutters to cut off the excess.


I leave enough (about 3/16 of a inch) so that when it is melted there is a small ball melted cord

Pro Tip: a candle works well here for melting the ends and saves on lighters.


Melting the ends


Pro Tip: Stop!! Use Caution!! When you melt paracord it is extremely hot and will burn! Ask for help if you need it and let melted area cool before you touch it or put your bracelet on!


melting paracord;how to end a paracord bracelet;paracord instructions




Use a heat source to melt the ends of the cord, then let it cool

Now go Show Off your Masterpiece!!Finished paracord bracelet;Make your own paracord bracelet;

Shannon says “Go Show It off”