Make a Paracord Necklace Kits

Make a Paracord Necklace Kits

Are Here! We Just added the first paracord necklace kit to our shop!make a survival necklace;round braid necklace;survival kit

You can now get this start up kit to make 3 survival necklaces in popular colors

The most important part about this kit is the safety connectors and the are included.paracord necklace buckles;break-away buckles;lanyard bucklesThese survival necklaces will last forever.

All the paracord is 550 7 strand and made in the USA!

All orders will be processes in 24 hours and are sent out asap!

In stock

Try out the hottest new paracord braiding with the how to make a paracord necklace kit!

If you are not in to the make it your self thing we understand and would love to make you a X-Cords Custom made paracord neckalce

paracord necklace;survival necklace;round braid necklace