Survival Blanked; survival kit

Emergency Survival Kit Deployed Child Survives Sub-Zero Temps


“You hope you never need it, But I had it”images (1)

That is what Lisa told us this week.

“My Car just died, and there we were alone and getting cold” She said she tried to start the car over and over untill the battery would no longer crank the engine.

“It was then that I knew I need help”  Lisa got out her cell phone and called a tow truck service for help.stranded 2

The Heavy  snow fall and the bitter cold temperature, made a busy night for the tow company so they told her it would be about and hour.

“My baby started crying, I knew he was getting cold. I could see our breath as I started to hyper ventilate a little as panic started to set in”

It was then that I remembered a gift that I had got from a friend, It was an emergency something or other”

Lisa went to her glove box, shuffled around the registration, insurance and a few other papers and pulled it out. It was a mini pocket survival tent. It had a small silver thing in it and some rope. (Lisa did not know it but it was paracord 550)

“I opened it up and was surprised that it was a blanket, I wrapped it around my baby and he stopped crying, I was stressed enough, now I could concentrate on the problem.Survival Blanked; survival kit

I found several snacks in my purse and a juice box that we shared while we waited, waited and waited.

“I kicked it in to MOM MODE and started to distract Brayden from the situation. We were singing and laughing and playing a little peek a boo with the blanket” Time flew by and we were having fun. I even showed him how to make the cats cradle with the pink camo rope that was in there.stranded1

It took almost three hours for the tow truck to arrive and jump start the car. The mechanic at the garage said it was a faulty fuel pump and it would be covered by the warranty.

The next day I called my friend Rob who gave me the kit. I thanked him  and I told him the story. I asked where did you get that kit from? He said He ordered it on line and got one for all his friends and family to put in their glove boxes.

I then did the same thing I ordered ten of them. I kept two for myself and gave the rest to my family.

I hope you never need it, but if you do you will be glad that you have it!photo 1