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All American Paracord Bracelet kit new for 2014 Camping Season

X-Cords Paracord bracelet kit, all American paracord 550. Proud to offer to you a survival bracelet kit that will serve many purposes. The kit will contain 10 different colors of paracord 550 all 7 strand and made in the USA. Each hank will be ~10 feet long and will make a bracelet up to 10 inches using the single cobra weave. The colors are multi-camo, red/white/blue camo, orange, black, ACU digital camo, desert camo, pink camoo, blue camo, olive drab, and woodland camo. Each kit will have 9 contoured side release buckles 3 olive and 6 black. These buckles are the correct size for the single cobra weave. We had these buckles made with large openings so the parcord will pass through them with out a struggle. One contoured side release whistle buckle that will help you signal for help or alert others of your location. Included is a quick reference color instruction sheet for the cobra stitch. An we also give you full access to all of our own x-cords exclusive paracord bracelet tutorials. These include patterns like the thin line bracelet, two and three color paracord bracelet as well as the King cobra. The king cobra can be made with this kit buy joining two 10 foot hanks together and we can show you how. Get your kit today and start making your own parcord bracelets for all your friends and family. Lean a new skill and build a survival bracelet that will last for ever and may on day help you survive.

New Use for paracord

New Use for paracord

Broken plastic items can now be fixed with Paracord 550

This new use for paracord will blow your mind

Here is a plastic ice cube tray from our automatic ice maker at work’. It was leaking into the bin creating a huge ice berg.

We found that the tray was cracked. How are we going to fix this? Well with paracord!

New uses for paracordThe crack was about 1 inch long. We heated up the paracord and used it to weld the crack shut!

Amazing plastic repair using paracord.

Here is the how to  paracord instruction video

Learn How To Make A King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet

Learn How to Make a King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet



We have had a ton of requests to add the King Cobra survival bracelet Kit to our products and now you can get one.

learn how to make a king cobra survival bracelet with paracord 550This Kit will make 2 wide king cobra survival bracelets and best of all you can pick the colors you want!

Choose form our huge inventory of over 50 colors of USA made paracord 550

all 7 strand!

Wide paracord bracelet in all black with adjustable stainless steel shackleYou can make this one in all black

If making it is not your thing you can buy a custom made king cobra bracelet

We also have the King Cobra instructions free!

World’s Largest Paracord Survival Bracelet

World’s Largest Paracord Survival Bracelet

Looking for a way to carry 200 feet of parcord on your wrist

you may want to make yourself a huge paracord bracelet.

Some say it looks like a tire others just laugh. I wear it to raise awareness about how great paracord is and the many things that you can do with paracord.

So take a look for your self

;wide paracord bracelet;king cobra paracord bracelet;huge survival bracelet

It is made with over 200 feet of paracord 550

To find out more here is the video