Make a Paracord Bow Sling

Make a Paracord Bow Sling


Here is another great way to use paracord. Do you or any one you know have a bow?

We all know that these bows can get pretty expensive and you do not want to have it slip out of your handsparacord bow sling or paracord wirst strap

Make a paracord bow sling and you can be assured that you will keep hold of your bow.

These bow slings are made like king cobra bracelet

Here are a few simple steps to get you started making one

First pick your colors

Then use the instructions to make a pararcord necklace. This will be the part that will go through the leather mounting grommets.

Keep in mind that this has to be long enough for your hand to slide through. Best thing to do is to measure your old one.

With the round braid complete you will move on to the next step.

Make a king cobra weave using the necklace as the center.

Make another king  cobra bracelet to wear

You can never have too much cord

Making a paracord bow sling is easy if you just break it down into the two simple steps of making a paracord necklace and making a king cobra paracord bracelet. Give it a try