Paracord Survival Necklace

You made your survival bracelet now what?

Its time to check out what else you can do with paracord and here is a very cool idea. Its a survival necklace.How to make a paracord survival necklace

A 21′ paracord necklace in the round braid form will give you about another nine feet of paracord 550 for you to use in an emergency

I have had many necklaces and where are they today? Broken and in trash.

You will not have that problem with a paracord necklace it will last forever!

This necklace is made using two strands of cord. Why is this inportant?

The two color scheme will let you match your favorite team colors like navy blue and white looks just like the New York Yankees. When you combo this with a blue and white paracord bracelet you have a awesome set. Now you can cheer your team on to victory in style.

Here is the great part, there are two ways to get one.

You can choose the colors and we can make it or you can order all the supplies to make your own. We have over 50 colors of paracord to pick from and we also stock the must have break-away safety connectors for paracord necklaces.

We also have the instruction video for you to use free of charge!

This video below will get you up close and personal with the survival  necklace