Paracord Uses When Camping

Paracord Uses When Camping

We went camping this week durring the 4th of July holliday. It was a lot of fun.

We made new friends and met up with some of our old ones that we have not seen in a while. It rained some of the time but that did not stop us from our camping activites. I brough with me a spool of paracord 550 in olive drab color.

Shannon found a bunch of smooth rocks at the lake and had friends over to paint them. Here  is my favorite



Paracord supplies

I used two 10 foot pieces to tie the ends of the hammock up and took a nap while the kids went for a bike ride. When it got dark we started a camp fire and we wanted to roast marsh mellows. I sent the kids to the camp store to buy some of the forks that you can stick the marsh mellows on to roast them. When they got back and showed me them I laughed because they were only about 24″ long. You would not only be roasting a marshmellow but your hand as well.

I had an Idea to extend them and use paracord to connect it to a longer stick.

I let each tie it as they though it shoud be done not pretty but the did it themselves and were proud of them.

We nick named the one Anika made  a spaghetti diagram, and laughed as we mouwed the smoores and toasted mellowsparacord spaghetti

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 Its great to find new things to make with paracord and you can bet that I will share them all with you

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