Easy Paracord necklace instruction

Easy Paracord necklace instructions

We would like to than Josh in NY for the great feed back.

He wanted to know how to install the break-away paracord connectors on a survival necklace.

We at X-Cords decided to make a easy paracord necklace instruction video for every one to share.

It will show you a fast easy way to make a survival cord necklace in about two minutes.

This one was made with hot pink paracord 550, 7 strand paracord that is made in the usa.

Easy Paracord necklace instruction video Here!

Remember when using paracord as a necklace you should install the safety pop open connectors!

Be prepared to make more than one. When your friends see this on you they are sure to want one

So have fun and enjoy the video on

 Easy Paracord necklace instruction