Paracord Bracelet Instructions

Paracord Bracelet Instructions

So you want to make a paracord bracelet and need the instructions?Paracord bracelet instructions to weave a paracord bracelet

You have come to the right place.  My daughter and Mallory were in your shoes just two short years ago when we decided to make a survival bracelet. We searched high and low and all over the internet for the instructions on  how to weave a survival bracelet. The search results were poor so we made our own and started survivalbraceletkits to share the how to make instructions with every one.

The next problem we had was finding all the paracord supplies to make all the different paracord bracelet patterns that we wanted. The paracord was only sold in bulk spools and created a cost problem in getting all the colors we needed

You will not have to face all the problems that we had. All the guess work has been eliminated for you. We are your one stop for all your paracord supplies and paracord bracelet instructions

Grab a kit the instructions are included.

Paracord bracelet instructions from X-Cords will have a survival bracelet on your wrist in just a few minunites.