how to make a paracord necklace

How To Make A Paracord Necklace

How To Make A Paracord Necklace


A paracord necklace is a great way to carry more paracord, an extra 10 feet. That will give you all the 7 strand paracord uses for survival.

how to make a paracord survival necklace

seattle seahawks paracord necklace

We have heard from our customers some thing a bit different. They love how they look!

“The round braid necklace is tough” Bob told us.

Bob bought is paracord ready made custom paracord necklace from us and you can to.

If you are a little craft yo can weave your own round braid.

Survivalbraceletkits team has every thing you need.

Paracord necklace kit

The kits are packed with paracord 550 and include the break-away connectors needed to make one

How to make a paracord necklace video tutorial

Both ways can get you a survival necklace fast.

If you need special colors you can call or text us at 585-682-0048

We would be happy to build you a kit.


Winter Storm Vulcan To Take Northeast


what you need to know

How to prepare for a Winter Storm

Where: Southern Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Northeast, as well as southeast Canada

  • When: Now through Thursday

  • Midwest: Significant snow in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland

  • Northeast: Potential blizzard for Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y. Up to 2 feet of snow in Upstate N.Y., northern New England. Mainly rain New York City to D.C.; severe thunderstorms possible in Mid-Atlantic states.

  • Canada: Major snowstorm for southern Quebec, including Montreal, plus parts of Atlantic Canada

  • Near-record low temperatures possible Thursday and Friday mornings in Great Lakes and Northeast.map_specnews13_ltst_4namus_enus_320x180

Winter Storm Vulcan is intensifying into a powerhouse storm, and may become a full-fledged blizzard in spots, as it pushes across the Midwest and into the Northeast now through Thursday. It will also dump heavy snow just across the border in the most heavily populated region of Canada.


Fire Starter Buckle

Survival Buckle With Fire Starter and Whistle New

Survival Buckle With Fire Starter and Whistle New

Coming soon!

The best new EDW (every day wear) survival buckleFlint buckle

The only buckle Made with a whistle and a flint striker fire starter!!mancave (210x153) (2)

What you call that??

The Ultimate survival buckle

So easy to use!!

Its a whistle, yes that is easy to see, but what you don’t see is the flint rod that is hiding inside the buckle.

When the buckle is separated its exposed. On one side is the flint and the other is the striker.survival buckle

Ultimate Survival Buckle

Also on the way is the liquid filled survival compass.compass

Now here is the great part of what we do.

All of these items will be put in to one kit for you to make your own

Ultimate survival Bracelet!

Your Kit will include

Paracord 550

ultimate survival buckle



Coming Soon!!

Denver Broncos Colors Paracord Bracelet Kit

Denver Broncos Colors Paracord Bracelet Kit

Broncos Nation!Denver Broncos colors survival bracelet kitDenver broncos paracord bracelet kit

Now hear This, Here is your survival gear to make your team colors of the Denver Bronco

Survival Bracelet kits is proud to offer you this kit to make your own paracord bracelet in the colors of the Broncos

Make two of the orange and blue using the two color survival bracelet instructions!

Make three more in cool camo and black colors.

All the paracord is 550 and made in the USAphoto 2

Buckles and instructions are included too

See you at the Big Game!!

Rescue Buddies Kit Paracord people that U make

Rescue Buddies Kit Paracord people that U make

They are here!!Rescue buddies;paracord people

We are so excited to roll out the Rescue Buddie Kit

Do you want to learn how to make paracord people? Here is the kit just for that.

Why are that called  Rescue Buddies?

Believe it or not these little guys and gals have about 35 inches of paracord in them.rescue buddie the hunter on cord

and they are compact, light weight and hook on to all your survival gear.

The kit includes enough supplies to make 5 of them as shown and for a limited time we are including supplies to make a single strand necklace with break away connector to hang them on.

Included is instructions and the how to make paracord people video is available on the sitehow to make paracord peple

I will be using a few to decorate my Christmas Tree!!

Have some fun and make your Rescue Buddies. Its the Buddie thats got your back

Survival Gear Light a Fire Amazing Fire Starter Stick With Paracord Lanyard

Survival Gear Light a Fire Amazing Fire Starter Stick With Paracord Lanyard


We just finished the video on the light a fire paracord fire starter!

Available in different colors of paracord even pink camo!

Here you can see how well the striker throws the sparks needed to ignite the source.

We also feature the extended paraocord lanyard and show you how much paracord that is when separated.

This Survival tool is a must have for everyone

New Survival Gear From X-Cords

New Survival Gear


Paracord is a great survival tool to have.

There is a lot you can do with it but starting a fire may not be one of them,

We are proud to introduce the worlds first paracord fire starter,

This fire stick is fitted with 24″ of X-Cords premium paracord 550 and you get to choose the color you stick;best fire starter;paracord 550

Make Paracord In Your Team Colors

Make Paracord In Your Team Colors

Its here and we have started the show off with the Michigan Wolverines!

Now you have three options to get the paracord gear that you want, how you want it

Option 1

Wolverine paracord bracelet kit

make a paracord bracelet;nfl paracord bracelet;make paracord bracelet

Make your own paracord bracelet.

Yes we have the bracelet instruction video on how to make a this stunning two color masterpiece.

We have designed a kit just for Wolverine fans to make a survival bracelet in the awesome blue and yellow colors.

Option 2

Get a X-Cords custom made!

You can get the Wolverine paracord bracelet with adjustable stainless steel shackleWolverine paracord bracelet;wolverine bracelet;football paracord bracelet

We now also have the Wolverine Paracord necklaceWolverine paracord necklace;Michigan football necklace;football necklace

Wolverine fans will love the set and now you can get both!Michigan football paracord;wolverine paracord bracelet;wolverine necklace;

Paracord Bracelet NFL Team Colors!

Paracord Bracelet NFL Team Colors!

Sports Fans, Are you looking for a great new way to cheer your favorite NFL team on?  The Paracord bracelet in your team colors may be just the ticket to insure your next win. Lets take a look at a few that we just made!NFL colors paracord bracelet pittsburgh steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers

 Steelers Fans should try this. A all black base paracord bracelet braided in the thin line style. The yellow steeler stripe pops and the stainless steel shackle secures the bracelet and gives three points of team paracord bracelets;sanfrancisco 49ers paracord bracelet;team bracelets

Sanfrancisco 49ers

This paracord bracelet is made with three paracord colors, Deep red, gold and white. To make this bracelet we had to combine the how to make a two color bracelet and how to make the thin line braceket. We also added the adjustable stainless steel shackle to give three points of adjustment. To make this bracelet we first had to weld or melt to five foot pieces of paracord togheher. It just another free how to paracord video we offer for everyone to orleans saints paracord bracelet;paracord braclelet;nfl paracord bracelet;

New Orleans Saints

The instructions to make the two color paracord bracelet like the New Orleans Saints can be located in the insturctions page. The contrast of the black and gold looks awesome. This would look great with your Saints jersey.

Fans should know that the paracord bracelet is also a survival tool. It looks great but you can also use the paracord if you need it.  We are prould to sell paracord that is only made in the USA and has the 7 inner strands.

Making a paracord bracelet is easy to do. But if you like we would be happy to custom make one for you. Please contact X-cords team at 585-682-0048 to place your order.

New Use for paracord

New Use for paracord

Broken plastic items can now be fixed with Paracord 550

This new use for paracord will blow your mind

Here is a plastic ice cube tray from our automatic ice maker at work’. It was leaking into the bin creating a huge ice berg.

We found that the tray was cracked. How are we going to fix this? Well with paracord!

New uses for paracordThe crack was about 1 inch long. We heated up the paracord and used it to weld the crack shut!

Amazing plastic repair using paracord.

Here is the how to  paracord instruction video