How to make a three color paracord bracelet

Making a three color paracord survival bracelet is a great way to customize your survival bracelets.

Adding the three colors of paracord can create a large number of color combinations that will give you the capability to match a bracelet to any person.

This means that I can make an American Flag paracord bracelet (red, white, and Blue) and give it to some one who is in the military.

If you have friends who like sports the three color paracord bracelet will allow you to match the team colors.

Three color paracord survival bracelet

This is one style of the three color survival bracelet. There is a black outter edge, a blue middle and the white center line.


The second varriation to the three color paracod bracelt is shown below using three lines for the colors.

How to make a three color parcord bracelet

This bracelet is made with the cobra stitch in the color of black as the base.

The three lines of paracord colored red, white, and green are inserted into the bracelet in the thin line format.

This bracelet can be made using the adjustable stainless steel shackle as shown.

You should know how to braid the cobra stich and be familair with how to make the thin line style survival bracelet

How to make a three color paracord instruction video