You got the bracelet now you want the necklace.How to make a paracord survival necklace

You can buy a survival necklace premade from the shop or you can learn

How to make a paracord necklace

You have mastered the paracord bracelet single cobra,  thin-line bracelet and possibly the king cobra weave.

Now you have you eyes set on the paracord necklace. Thats awesome!

This braid is different from the cobra stitch in that it is round rather than flat. This will work alot better for the necklace application.

How much paracord do I need to make a paracord necklace?

The amount of paracord that you should use to make this necklace 21″ is 10 feet.

You must also be sure that you have the proper safety release clasp for your necklaceBreak-Away necklace buckles;paracord necklace buckles;survival necklace buckles;pop-open connectors

You would never want to put paracord around your neck with out them the paracord will not break!

The round braid necklace has its challenges. Some people do not get it the first time. It took me several days to figure out an easy way to make it. Now I am happy to share it with you and hope that you.

Tips for making a paracord necklace

Hang the cord – It will let it twist and turn as it needs to.

Use to different colors- for you first one it will make the braiding pattern eaiser to see

If you get stuck take a break and come back to it later

Have fun if you would like to try this paracord project check out the paracord necklace supplies in the store

How to make a paracord necklace instruction video