Back to the Future? hover board I must have one!

This is the most amazing thing we have seen in a long time!

Check out the flying hoverboard in action

Paracord 850 passes first field test

Watch the video on paracord 850 and you will never buy paracord 550 again.

paracord 850 double wide necklace neck

Paracord 850 necklace 20 feet of paracord 850

Paracord 850 necklace 20 feet of paracord 850

we were just having some fun with our new paracord 850 colors making or survival necklace when this happened

A double wide paracord 850 necklace

I guess that you can’t have too much cord. This is paracord 850 made in the USA by government certified contractor.

8 inner strands. why make any thing with 550 when you can have the best

If you want to try this here is where to buy 850 paracord 

paracord 850 double wide necklace neck


We used the round braid paracord necklace instructions and just added an extra strand of paracord 850 to each color

here is a close up of the braidparacord 850 necklace double wide zoom

Here is the comparison of a regular paracord 850 necklace and the double 850 paracord necklaceparacord necklace small vs double

Look for our next video on how to make this cool necklace

Paracord Master Craft Kit

Paracord Master Craft Kit is now in stock

key ring viewWe heard what you said and we did it. We added the buckle variety pack, the key rings and the break-away connectors. Now all in one kit to make 100s of different paracord projects

usa kit left view new

All American Paracord Bracelet kit new for 2014 Camping Season

X-Cords Paracord bracelet kit, all American paracord 550. Proud to offer to you a survival bracelet kit that will serve many purposes. The kit will contain 10 different colors of paracord 550 all 7 strand and made in the USA. Each hank will be ~10 feet long and will make a bracelet up to 10 inches using the single cobra weave. The colors are multi-camo, red/white/blue camo, orange, black, ACU digital camo, desert camo, pink camoo, blue camo, olive drab, and woodland camo. Each kit will have 9 contoured side release buckles 3 olive and 6 black. These buckles are the correct size for the single cobra weave. We had these buckles made with large openings so the parcord will pass through them with out a struggle. One contoured side release whistle buckle that will help you signal for help or alert others of your location. Included is a quick reference color instruction sheet for the cobra stitch. An we also give you full access to all of our own x-cords exclusive paracord bracelet tutorials. These include patterns like the thin line bracelet, two and three color paracord bracelet as well as the King cobra. The king cobra can be made with this kit buy joining two 10 foot hanks together and we can show you how. Get your kit today and start making your own parcord bracelets for all your friends and family. Lean a new skill and build a survival bracelet that will last for ever and may on day help you survive.

easter basket

Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas for Boys 2014

Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas for Boys 2014easter basket

Easter Bunny Knows what is going to put a smile on your sons face this year!

Keep in mind its not Christmas.  These items will remin you of  the past and a few new Easter basket ideas for 2014.

We tend to forget how great the simple things are. It is so easy now to get lost on the internet or spend hours on a video game. This year make it special with Easter gifts that will promote  family interaction, laughter  and learning. We like these

Candy Must Haves

  • Jelly Beans-get both kinds spice and traditional. Jelly belly beans are fun to try and guess what flavor
  • Peeps- must have! what could be better than marshmallow coated with colored sugar.
  • Chocolate- Eggs, Bunny, (have a jar of peanut butter on stand by)

Non Candy

  • Coloring books/ activity books crayons
  • squirt gun-get more that one! have an outdoor battle rather than an online oneKing Cobra Survival Bracelet “Night Stalker”
  • sand toys-pail, shovel, sifter- plan a day at the beach
  • Bubbles- get the multi-pack sure to make every one smile
  • Cards-regular deck Go fish!  uno is a blast
  • kazoo and other musical toys, start a family rock band
  • Bucket-0-Chalk-create a side walk masterpiece
  • Wiffel ball set- Play ball or mini golf set
  • Checkers or chess set
  • Paracord bracelet making kit-learn how to braid paracord projects Recon 60 Survival Bracelet Kit
top survival gear for 2014

Top Survival Gear for 2014

Top Survival Gear for 2014 fire starter buckle


The fire starter buckle is ranked in the top 10 for must have survival gear for 2014

What makes it so great is that it is something that you have on everyday.

You never know when something will happen.

The fire starter buckle will take the survival arena by storm as the most useful survival gear.

The side release buckle separates and exposes the flint on one side and the striker on the other

Grab a pack of flint fire starter buckles now!