Mallory Broda CEO  www.survivalbraceletkits.comMy name is Rob and my Daughter is Mallory Broda and our story goes like this

When your 14 year old daughter ask you to get her some “stuff” to make a paracord bracelet you say sure and think that you are going to stop off at the store on the way home from work and grab a few things.

This is not the case at all. I called every where to find what I needed to make these awesome survival bracelets but had no luck. I spent another few hours searching the internet but still was not sure what to buy.

After spending several Hundred dollars for spools of 550 cord and different buckles we built our first survival bracelet together. (it was ok but the buckle was huge) We thought how great would it be if we could take the guess work out and make it simple for everyone to get all the supplies that they need to make a paracord bracelet.

Together we designed the survival braclelet  kits and created our web site to help everyone make a survival bracelet. We operate our business as we would want to be treated.

I remember “Dad did our cord come yet” day after day we would check the mail and wonder how much longer. That is why we ship the same day or next day because we know that you want it bad just like we did! We work hard to be your supplier of choice and love every minute of it.

So get some cord and Join the fun!

We also love making up slogans like Don’t Put silly rubber on your wrist .. Wrap it with cord by Mallory Or Make it, Wear it, survive it is another of our favorites