King Cobra Paracord BraceletGo big or stay home?

You have made the single cobra survival bracelet and now you want to fatten up a little?

There is no better way than King Cobra

King Cobra paracord bracelet instructions in easy to follow video format

Here are the two most inprotant things you need to know about making the king cobra bracelet

The king cobra is 2x of the single cobra weave in the amount of paracord that you need to use

Example: If you need 9 feet to make a 9 inch bracelet then you should use 18 feet to make the king.

Next, as the bracelet gets wider and taller it will be smaller on your wrist.

We suggest adding an additional 1/4 inch

 Here is the video it is show being made with the adjustable stainless steel shackle and gets right in to it. You should be familar with how to make the single cobra paracod bracelet first