Fire Starter Buckle

Survival Buckle With Fire Starter and Whistle New

Survival Buckle With Fire Starter and Whistle New

Coming soon!

The best new EDW (every day wear) survival buckleFlint buckle

The only buckle Made with a whistle and a flint striker fire starter!!mancave (210x153) (2)

What you call that??

The Ultimate survival buckle

So easy to use!!

Its a whistle, yes that is easy to see, but what you don’t see is the flint rod that is hiding inside the buckle.

When the buckle is separated its exposed. On one side is the flint and the other is the striker.survival buckle

Ultimate Survival Buckle

Also on the way is the liquid filled survival compass.compass

Now here is the great part of what we do.

All of these items will be put in to one kit for you to make your own

Ultimate survival Bracelet!

Your Kit will include

Paracord 550

ultimate survival buckle



Coming Soon!!