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Paracord Bracelet Kit X-cords All American Survival Bracelet Kit Make 10 Survival Bracelets 

Includes Cocbra Weave Instruction Sheet and Video Tutorial Links to Make All the Top Paracord Bracelet Patterns Including the Thin-line and the King Cobra! X-cords Paracord Is 100% Made in the USA Paracord 550 with 7 Inner Strands!


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Limited Supply

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X-Cords Paracord bracelet kit, all American paracord 550. Proud to offer to you a survival bracelet kit that will serve many purposes.
The kit will contain 10 different colors of paracord 550 all 7 strand and made in the USA. Each hank will be ~10 feet long and will make a bracelet up to 10 inches using the single cobra weave.
The colors are multi-camo, red/white/blue camo, orange, black, ACU digital camo, desert camo, pink camoo, blue camo, olive drab, and woodland camo.
Each kit will have 9 contoured side release buckles 3 olive and 6 black. These buckles are the correct size for the single cobra weave. We had these buckles made with large openings so the parcord will pass through them with out a struggle.
One contoured side release whistle buckle that will help you signal for help or alert others of your location. Included is a quick reference color instruction sheet for the cobra stitch.
An we also give you full access to all of our own x-cords exclusive paracord bracelet tutorials. These include patterns like the thin line bracelet, two and three color paracord bracelet as well as the King cobra.
The king cobra can be made with this kit buy joining two 10 foot hanks together and we can show you how. Get your kit today and start making your own parcord bracelets for all your friends and family. Lean a new skill and build a survival bracelet that will last for ever and may on day help you survive.

Make 10 survival bracelets with this limited supply paracord bracelet kit

each length is ~10 feet long and will make one survival bracelet

Colors are as shown

Choose the color buckle you want to use

Included is 4 black

6 black

3 olive

1 whistle buckle black and contouredusa kit left view newUSA KIT 7 INNER STRAND1

Also included is the color instruction sheetDCIM100GOPRO


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