fire starter buckle for paracord bracelets
extreme fire bracelet kit 40 ft
fire starter buckle for paracord bracelets

Fire Starter Buckle  Bracelet Kit

Get it while its Hot!

Extreme Fire Paracord Bracelet Kit

2 fire starter buckles

20 feet of woodland camo

20 feet of desert camo

make 2 king cobra paracord bracelets with the extreme fire starter buckle

has built in whistle (very loud)

fire starter buckle for paracord bracelets

Extreme Fire paracord bracelet kit twin pack


The only buckle that has the built in fire striker

top survival gear for 2014

must have survival gear for 2014


Whistle buckle Too!IMG_6550

Includes 20 feet of each color paracord 550 woodland camo and desert camoextreme fire kit

extreme fire package

Yes it is 7 strand and made in the USA!

Here are video instructions on how to make it

The kit includes the 20 feet of paracord to make the king cobra style paracord bracelet and one fire starter whistle buckle

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Wow That is better that the way we have been doing itsurvival buckle

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