Rescue Buddies Kit Paracord people that U make

Rescue Buddies Kit Paracord people that U make

They are here!!Rescue buddies;paracord people

We are so excited to roll out the Rescue Buddie Kit

Do you want to learn how to make paracord people? Here is the kit just for that.

Why are that called  Rescue Buddies?

Believe it or not these little guys and gals have about 35 inches of paracord in them.rescue buddie the hunter on cord

and they are compact, light weight and hook on to all your survival gear.

The kit includes enough supplies to make 5 of them as shown and for a limited time we are including supplies to make a single strand necklace with break away connector to hang them on.

Included is instructions and the how to make paracord people video is available on the sitehow to make paracord peple

I will be using a few to decorate my Christmas Tree!!

Have some fun and make your Rescue Buddies. Its the Buddie thats got your back