Tying it all together with paracord

Using paracord for safety

Tying it all together with paracord

How often have you needed some thing to use to secure cargo in your truck?

How about that awesome garage sale find that would not quite fit in you car?

when you carry paracord you will neve have to worry about that problem again.

You will be able to leave your trunk half open with that dresser you just haggled the owner down from fifty dollars to twenty five.  Here is why, You will just open reach down in the trunk and grab that hank of paracord 550 and string it from the latch on the trunk, and around both sides of the bumper until you have made a spider web on the back of your car.

You will feel confident as you head for home with your cargo intwined.

Your paracord web will have you relaxed even as you nail every pot hole on the way.

You can even make it your own as you choose the color of paracord that fits your swag.

Fifty feet should do the trick!

After the next flea market check out the hanks of paracord in the paracord supply section of the store.