Pocket Survival Kit
Pocket Survival Kit
Pocket Survival Kit

Pocket Survival Kit



That Fits In your Back Pocket!!

survival blanket;survival tentBe prepared

snow emergency

vehicle breakdown

unplanned storm

earth quake


Power outage

Any of these emergencies can happen to any one at any time and it is up to you to prepare yourself and your family.

this mini survival kit is so small it fits in your back pocket, glove box, purse, back pack or bug out bag.x-cords survival shelter,mini survival kit,survival blanket

Kit includes

10 feet of paracord in to be made into a survival bracelet

one contoured side release buckle

one survival blanketphoto 1

These blanks are packed tight and small but open big to keep you warm and dry.

You can use it as a blanket or make it in to a shelter

The paracord bracelet can be unwoven and the inner strands can be removed to create several different sheltersphoto 2 (2)

tentphoto 2 (3)

lean tophoto 1 (3)photo 3 (2)photo 3photo 2Bracelet does not come made you make it yourself with the instructions provided on the web site.

Price: from $7.99
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