Life Straw Survival Kit
Life Straw Survival Kit
Life Straw Survival Kit

Life Straw Survival Kit



Like no other filter system in the world.

Small, compact, easy to use, filter that would compete with the “big boys.” No pumps or tangly hoses to mess with, we just wanted the cleanest, easiest, most compact system in the world

filters out 99.9% of cryptosporidium and giardia

Life straw survival kit


The only Personal water filter that comes with cord!!

Light Weight


Effective up to 30 gallons

Includes scoop pouch so you don’t have to stick your face in a puddle to get a drink!

survival straw water filter

detachable straw makes it compact to fit any where.personal water filter straw

Includes 10 feet of woodland Camo paracord 550

type III military spec


survival gear water filter

use it to make a survival bracelet or just extra cord

Buckle and instructions includedsurvival kit para cord water filter and bracelet

Great addition to any back pack or Bug out bag

The survival bracelet is a easy way to carry more cord for survival usessurvival bracelet kit with survival straw

Completed bracelet not included just to show you what they look like

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Price: $17.77
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