Make Paracord In Your Team Colors

Make Paracord In Your Team Colors

Its here and we have started the show off with the Michigan Wolverines!

Now you have three options to get the paracord gear that you want, how you want it

Option 1

Wolverine paracord bracelet kit

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Make your own paracord bracelet.

Yes we have the bracelet instruction video on how to make a this stunning two color masterpiece.

We have designed a kit just for Wolverine fans to make a survival bracelet in the awesome blue and yellow colors.

Option 2

Get a X-Cords custom made!

You can get the Wolverine paracord bracelet with adjustable stainless steel shackleWolverine paracord bracelet;wolverine bracelet;football paracord bracelet

We now also have the Wolverine Paracord necklaceWolverine paracord necklace;Michigan football necklace;football necklace

Wolverine fans will love the set and now you can get both!Michigan football paracord;wolverine paracord bracelet;wolverine necklace;